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AH Towels -Company Overview

AH Towels is the leading US manufacturers of wholesale towels, specialized in 100% best quality on hand towels, microfiber towels, waffle towels and Mops etc. We have a vast variety in different ranges and styles of towels like; Shop towels, Vending towels, rags, polishing/Finishing towels, Glass cleaning towels, Thick Microfiber towels, Red towels, Trash bags, and Irregular microfiber towels at wholesale rates.

In Closeout products, we have vast ranges on different styles and kinds of towels of all surfaces, microfiber towels, wash mitts, rags, bone sponges, and premium microfiber bonnets. Whatever the surfaces are, they will work for you and will make it stainless with ease.

For Spas, Gyms and for Salons, AH Towels have a broad extent of valuable items to more than satisfy the requests of the health and excellence industry. We have varieties in Salon Towels as well in Microfiber and cotton as well. We own the finest and magnificence, hairdressing and Salon towels, Wash cloths, Hand towels, Barber towels, Bleach proof towels and Pool towels. Our quality products add another extent to an effectively remarkable accumulation; we have a notoriety to look afterwards. With a far reaching extent of towels including chlorine safe & premium quality towels, it’s truly the stand out Towels Company for everyone.