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Everything You Need To Know About Microfiber Towels

Microfiber has reform the auto detailing industry by providing better cleaning, higher quality and longer lasting towels than previously thought possible. Microfiber is an extremely small, synthetic fiber. Microfiber is primarily constructed from a blend of two materials, polyester and polyamide.The ratio between polyester and polyamide allows towels to be made with different enhanced characteristics such as softness, absorption and durability.

How Do Microfiber Towels Differ?

The two main ways microfiber towels are categorized is by their blend ratio of polyester to polyamide and their density. Density is the relationship between the mass of a substance and how much space or volume it takes up (Density = Mass / Volume).

As density increases in a towel so does its thickness, weight and number of fibers. The more microfibers in a towel, the better it absorbs and cleans. 

Different Types Of Microfiber Towels



  • Ideal for Auto Detailing
  • Super absorbent
  • Lint Free



Premium  Microfiber Washmitts



  • More absorbent than a regular cotton towels.
  • Ideal for cleaning, polishing and household purposes.
  • 80% polyester 20% poly amide



Cleaning Towels




  • Have great water absorbent ability
  • Specially designed for oily and greasy surfaces
  • Machine Washable



Microfiber Cleaning Towels


Wash Instructions

  • If you use the towel clean the surface with oil stain, please wet the towel first.
  • Clean your towel immediately after cleaning the staining agent material.
  • Do not wash the towel in the water over 60 centigrade (about 140F) or iron the towel
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