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25"x 36" Microfiber Hand Towel with Velvet Border
SKU: D2536-6SQFT

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Categories: Microfiber Towels, All Purpose Towels, Auto Detailing Towels, Polishing Towels
Industries: Car Wash, Medical, Restaurant and Hospitality, Janitorial
Packing: 1 dozen
This top quality 25"x36" yellow towel has a soft microfiber edge around the border. The piping comes in velvet yellow. The cloth is plush and as always won't scratch any surface of your car or home. This towel is 100% microfiber and absorbs a lot of fluid and works really well for detailing your vehicle or cleaning your home.
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Product Detail

Specifications: Packing: 12 pieces to a pack.
Case Dimension: 20x20x20

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