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Reusable Paper Wipes
SKU: Cleaning Wipes

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Categories: All Purpose Towels, Auto Detailing Towels, Polishing Towels, Health & Sanitization
Industries: Car Wash, Medical, Restaurant and Hospitality, Janitorial
Packing: 48 Rolls per Case
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12' x 8" non woven fabric wipes has No harsh chemicals, no smell, No scent, static-free, work on wooden, metal and glass surfaces, leaves lint free shining texture or wax polish safe and intact
A & H Towels
Product Detail

  • Cleaning wipes - A simple solution for fast and efficient cleaning
  • All surface clean, used to wipe, clean, scrub or remove stain and dust anywhere you can reach. Cleaning wipes can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, restaurant, home or office and in your car

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